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My first month with Plexus

My first month with Plexus

My Honest Review And Results From My First Month With Plexus



When I learned about Plexus I had already been looking for something to improve my gut health. I had been researching gut health and trying probiotics and home remedies for almost 2 years with little success. I had begun a personal training program to learn how to meal prep and workout (learn how to meal prep yourself here) and had seen a little bit of success but not much. I was discouraged because I felt like I was doing everything right. I was working out 5 days a week, eating a balanced and  healthy diet - but I still felt sick. There were days when my stomach would hurt so much or my migraines would flare up and I would be MIA from the world for a day or two. It was effecting everything in my life, my school, my work, my self esteem, and my weight. 

I had actively been looking for something when my cousin shared Plexus with me. I was skeptical at the beginning - but I'm always down to try a good probiotic. In the past I had tried a drink that sounded similar to the Pink Drink and it made me super sick - but I decided to do a 14 day trial of the Pink Drink to be sure I didn't have a bad reaction to it. 

Two Weeks with the Pink Drink 

I honestly wasn't expecting results from the Pink Drink - I just knew it was the base of the Plexus products and wanted to ensure I could drink it without negative side effects before making the investment. I started it the first week of May 2018 the week before and during my Disneyland trip. I didn't really notice, but after a week I wasn't needing my afternoon nap - which is UNREAL for me! I literally planned my class schedule around my naps before. I would sleep in the business building, institute, my car - literally where ever because I could not physically get through the day with out them. But now, I had SO much energy and I was sleeping better through the night! CRAZY! But what really shocked me was after Disneyland. While in Disney I tried my best to stick to the Paleo diet (Read more about that decision here). When we went in October I ate a pumpkin churro and died a little - a 4 hour nap on a bench in the park helped, but that's 4 hours that I could've spent playing Toy Story Mania.... So this time I was determined NOT to get sick. That meant no wheat, dairy, sugar, and a handful of other things. It was a little stressful but honestly Disney is so great with allergies. BUT on the last night I decided to get some ice cream and take charcoal pills (a hack I learned, charcoal absorbs toxins in your body and prevents it from entering the blood stream, thus preventing migraines. But it's not great for you so you shouldn't do it often.) Normally I feel a little weird and have some weird poops after I take charcoal so I had prepared myself for that, but the day we returned home I was more regular than ever! MIRACLE! I was so happy to be finding some relief on just the Pink Drink that I knew their probiotics would be amazing so I went for it. 

Also during these two weeks I noticed I wasn't having my regular migraines. They always came in the early afternoon and NOTHING helped to relieve them. But I didn't have one for a week an a half until I developed a baby sinus infection. I think the sinus infection was just from the sun and weather change being in California and not from Plexus. 

One Month on Plexus Triplex

I started using the Plexus Triplex around May 15th 2018. This consists of a monthly supply of the Pink Drink, BioCleanse and ProBio 5. I started slowly so I didn't shock my system with the new level of probiotics. My cousin Caty recommended I start with one BioCleanse and one ProBio 5 at night. I did that for a week and slowly increase my dose to 2 Bio Cleanse and 2 ProBio 5 at night, to 1 BioCleanse in the morning with 2 Bio Cleanse and 2 ProBio 5 at night, to finally 2 BioCleanse in the morning with 2 Bio Cleanse and 3 ProBio 5 at night. Because Plexus did NOT a quick fix or a bandaid product you have to be patient and find the balance that works for you. I've suffered from constipation since I was little so I know I need a higher dose to break all those bad toxins down. 

Because Plexus is working to correct the problem, bad levels of good and bad bacteria in your gut, you experience some detox symptoms (Called Candida Die Off. Read more about it here or watch a video about it here). I had read about these and always expected them with my other probiotics - but none of them did any of that, none of them ended up working either. Everyone experiences detox differently so it's important to communicate with the person who introduced you to Plexus to understand them. Here's a FULL DISCLOURSE break down of what I felt each week, the good and the bad. 

Week 1

- Sinus Infection: Now this probably wasn't caused by Plexus because it started before I was using the products, but non the less it's what I was feeling. However, I didn't go to a doctor or take any pain killers for it cause I kept hoping it would go away, until one day it did. It's possible that after a week of taking Plexus it helped reduce that inflammation that was there before and actually helped me kick it sooner than expected. Sinus Infections can be common during Candida Die Off for some people. 

- Acne Breakout: I broke out BAD the first week on the products. I've always struggled with acne and ever since I went Paleo my skin has been better - just a few zits here and there (unless I ate wheat, dairy, or sugar, then I would really break out). But that first week on Plexus I broke out something fierce. BUT it actually made me really happy because I knew it was working, nothing had worked this quickly before. 

- Healthy Motivations: I had been living a healthy lifestyle prior to taking Plexus, but the weird thing...I felt so much more motivation to do more. I was putting the gym first, staying longer, pushing harder. I wanted to eat my meal plan. I DIDN'T want to cheat. Before I always had cravings for these treats that would make me sick, but I'd eat them anyway. Quickly those cravings were gone. It was a mental clarity I hadn't felt in a long time. 

- Energy Levels: Before Plexus I literally scheduled a nap into my class schedule. I could not physically get through the day without taking a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I know right?! I would sleep on campus, in my car, whatever I needed. If I had a busy day I would try and push through but my eye lids would become heavy. I often felt tired after driving the 30 mins home. Sometimes I would take a nap at 5pm for 3 hours and not be able to sleep through the night. But quickly with Plexus I had energy to go through the day. I didn't need a nap. I woke up ready to go, no more groggy grumpy mornings! I could take a Sunday nap if I wanted to - but it wasn't a necessity to get through the day. Because I had more energy I was more productive, was able to learn better in class, and overall felt great! My positivity returned that I haven't felt since high school. 

- Brain Fog: I don't know if any of you have felt this thick brain fog like I did. It always concerned me growing up but I didn't know how to explain it. It started in Middle School where I felt like I had out of body experiences - I could see and hear myself going from class to class, but I felt I didn't have control over my actions. It wasn't quite depression, more like I was being possessed by another being. Now I know that sounds dramatic but at that age it's what it really felt like. It continued through my life although not as often. But once College hit I felt like I could be physically present, but I couldn't get my mind to be ALL there. You know? Like I was on autopilot, not making any real connections or really being myself. I had been on antidepressants that honestly at times made it worse. But on plexus I quickly noticed that fog disappear, I was present, more genuine, more focused. I felt like I was all there - never somewhere else during a conversation.  

- Water Intake: I was THIRSTY! And peeing A LOT, like A LOT.. But that's just one way your body gets rid of toxins! They recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day, but I drank more than that. I felt like I actually WANTED to drink water - a new feeling for me. I was downing it more than I ever had before. But it's good for you anyways right!? A lot of people mention their soda addiction fade, because they want to drink water instead. I haven't had soda for years so I can't comment on that, but I know that Plexus is a great way to kick that soda habit! 

Week 2

- Morning Headaches: Now I used to suffer from migraines every evening without a doubt. After two weeks on Plexus I started feeling baby headaches in the morning until I got a good lunch in. However these headaches were nothing sevear and YEARS better than my headaches and migraines before plexus. I had them almost every morning during my second week but by week three they were gone. This is a common one for some new people on Plexus - so if you suffer from headaches now and are worried about it, don't be. On a scale from 1-10 my migraines used to be an 11, my headaches on Plexus were maybe a 2. I could still function and think with these baby headaches, they were just kinda annoying. 

- Sleep: I noticed I was sleeping deeper through the night, not tossing and turning as much, and actually waking up with energy. Now I LOVE sleeping - so I wasn't up every morning, but I could get up if I needed to and go all day without needing a nap. 

- Self Confidence: Normally at the gym I avoid the mirrors while lifting because I just didn't like my body. I've always fallen victim to comparing myself to others. But this week I sat in front of the mirror and thought "Dang girl you look good!" This was when I really felt my confidence coming back. I was doing everything I needed to be doing and it was FINALLY working! I felt GOOD about myself for probably the first time in my life. All because my gut was finally working and those good levels of serotonin were finally working naturally! 

- Body Fat Loss: When I started getting serious about my weight loss I was much more focused on body fat percentage than weight. I knew that the scale was just a number. In my 25 week program with professional nutritionists and trainers I lost 20 lbs of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle (a great achievement, but only about half of what was expected). So on the scale I only dropped 10 lbs, but I achieved more than that behind the scenes. When I went in to weigh myself again after 2 weeks on plexus I had lost about 1.5% body fat! Before on my program my 2 week average was about .25%. You could say I was a little happy LOL. 

- Positivity: I've dealt with depression and mood swings most my life. When I took antidepressants I felt they made my brain foggy and I couldn't focus on anything - so while I felt better short term, I didn't in the long run. But on Plexus I felt HAPPY! I relate it to when I went to India last summer and got sick and spent 3 days on the toilet. After my entire bowels were pretty much empty I felt GREAT! I was a new person with an energy I had been lacking for a long time. Until I was back in America for like 3 days and eating overly processed foods again. But with plexus I was finally getting those good bacteria moving so I just felt happy! Higher natural serotonin levels = HAPPY! 

- (WARNING this one is kinda personal) Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: All I'll say, ya it was kinda weird, but nothing too alarming. Full Disclosure LOL


Week 3 

- Sleep (again): I did something kinda stupid this week and tried to get off my current anti-depressant because I was feeling good and felt that Plexus was doing more for me than they were. Plus I HATE prescription meds. I did this for 3 nights until I realized that the main reason I was taking them was to help me sleep. Those nights were rough and I didn't sleep at all one of the nights, fell asleep at like 6am the next morning and was kinda screwed up. So I got back on them just to help balance it out. When I got on those prescriptions they were kinda helpful, but not much. The combination of the two was helping me sleep through the night (at the right time too) and I plan to make that transition in a few months once I've been on Plexus longer and may switch my prescription for another Plexus product.

- Bowel Movements: I felt a lot of benefits before relief to my digestive discomfort. By week three I really noticed more regular, healthy bowel movements. When trying plexus you have to understand that you've been building up bad toxins for a long time, so it may take a while for it to start breaking it all down. 3 weeks was what it took me to start the process, but I know it'll continue to get better from here! 

- Muscle Pain: This week was when I felt faster recovery from my workouts. I wasn't as sore for as long as I used to be. This allowed me to push harder at the gym and really test my limits. I deal with really bad back issues and this week I really found some relief. Plexus has another product called Ease that will help this a lot too, I plan to add that into my plan soon. 

- Redness on Arms: I've been really self conscious of the red bumps on the back of my arms most my life. People used to say "hey you're arms are sunburnt" and things like that and it really hurt me. I wasn't confident in my body and that never helped to hear. I had been researching what it was and how to get rid of it and found that it was called "Keratosis Pilaris" which basically means the hair follicles on your arms can't push through and cause little bumps and irritation. For some people it's as simple as using a sugar scrub to help open the follicles and moisturize them. For 3 months before Plexus I used a olive oil and sugar scrub with a few other products to help and saw improvement in the bumps, but not the redness. After doing more research I found that the redness is also tied to food allergies or poor gut health. After a few weeks on Plexus I noticed less redness and bumps! I expect to see more progress as I continue my journey. 

Week 4

- Sleep (yep again): By week four I felt like I was actually tired at night when I was supposed to be and could go to bed by 10 or 11 and wake up by 7 or 8. If I slept in I felt off - which is new for me. Usually in the summer I can sleep till noon and be fine, but now I feel like my whole day is off so I actually want to wake up early! ....weird... 

- Motion Sickness: This may not be related, but this week I had some motion sickness on the train and the plane I took. I could possibly be just because of the heat and maybe I'm more sensitive to it now that I'm older. Nonetheless - in the name of full disclosure I'm adding it. 

- Higher Food Tolerance: Before Plexus any amount of wheat would make me really sick with migraines and constipation. This week I was able to eat some wheat with no side effects. I'm still sensitive to sugar - but that one might take longer for Plexus to help with. 


Overall I've LOVED my first month on Plexus! My life has improved so much in just 30 days. I challenge YOU to give it 60 days! If it doesn't work there's a 60 day money back guarantee. So what do you have to lose?

If you want to start this journey with me reach out to me on social media or shoot me an email at 

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