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How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris Naturally

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris Naturally

How I Got Rid Of My Keratosis Pilaris

Do you hate those annoying red bumps on the back of your arms or legs? Personally I was super self conscious of them for most of my life. Sometimes I wouldn’t realize they were there until someone pointed them out or I saw myself in photos. I tried a lot of home remedies to make them go away but couldn’t find something that worked for the longest time.

Naturally Treat Keratosis Pilaris

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Basically it’s caused when the hair follicles can’t break through the skin so it causes a little bump and some irritation. For some people it just means treating the skin to help those pores open up, but for others it’s a little more complicated. After doing years of research I realized that the bumps can also be a sign of a food allergy or digestive issue. It wasn’t until I put that together that I started to effectively treat them.

What DIDN’T Work:

Sugar Scrubs:

I read that a simple olive oil and sugar scrub in the shower makes it go away. So I tried it. I used it during my shower and noticed the bumps would go away right after, but not the redness. Then the bumps would come back after a few hours. I did that consistently for 3 months with no luck, they just kept coming back. It important to not use a harsh sugar scrub. I did once and it left like little scabs on all my freckles and pores.

Coconut oil:

Didn’t really do much, made my skin softer but it doesn’t come off without soap so I was always oily.


This one made me mad, I read that blog that’s like “Just wash your arm with a Lofa” like ok...ya it didn’t do a thing. I found better luck when I would scrub my arms with soap on a lofa and then use the sugar scrub, but again they always came back.

Dry Brushing: 

Yup, nope. Probably actually made it worse. You can't be too rough with it or it'll only scab over. Even with gentle scrubs, be soft and consistent. 

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Probably my favorite household home remedy product! It does almost everything, but unfortunately it didn’t do a thing for my arm. I read that it helps to dab it on your arm before a shower and then do the sugar scrub. It’s supposed to help open your pores, but it didn’t do anything for me.

Going Paleo:

I knew I had some food sensitivities so I decided to go Paleo and pull out wheat, dairy, sugar, and a handful of other things. While I did feel better overall after a few weeks - it didn’t do much for my arms.


What DID Work:


Plexus is an all natural line of probiotics that really helps get your gut health in order. Sometimes your KP can be a way of your body telling you there’s something wrong. After a month on plexus I noticed reduced redness and very few bumps. During this time I wasn’t using the sugar scrub or any other home remedies. Because I was getting my gut in order it irritation recovered! As you can see there's some redness left, but I’ll be sharing more pictures after a few more month so you can see the full transformation!

Watch this video to better understand what Plexus is and why it helps your overall health!

I’m currently using the Plexus Triplex which costs me about $3.50 a day. That small investment is worth it for better sleep, energy, mood, less food sensitivity, and better skin! Read this blog about my first month on Plexus!

Interested in trying Plexus? Check out their products here or shoot me a quick message on Facebook or email me at

Drop a comment with something you’ve tried without success, or any other hacks you’ve found!

Naturally Treat Keratosis Pilaris
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