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My Capsule Wardrobe For The Disney College Program

My Capsule Wardrobe For The Disney College Program

My DCP Capsule Wardrobe

This upcoming Fall I’ll be participating in the Disney College Program and working as a Cast Member in Walt Disney World! Packing your life for about 4 months is definitely a stressor, but I’m committed to really embracing the minimalist lifestyle while I’m there. After all I’d rather spend money and time on experiences than clothes and things! I’ve been working for a few months on my capsule wardrobe, and taken it down quite a bit for Florida. After all, since I’ll be working in the parks full time and swimming a lot - I won’t really need too many street clothes. So here’s my Capsule Wardrobe for Florida and a little bit about how I created it.

Mind you, it’s the end of July and I started my capsule wardrobe in December. It took me awhile to decide on my color scheme and let go of some of my favorite items. It also took me a while to find new items to replace the old ones. Capsule Wardrobes are not something you’re meant to do all at once, for most of us it takes months to really finish a capsule and be happy with it.

I started by reading tons of blogs I found on pinterest to get an idea of what I wanted MY capsule to look like. This one of my favorite blogs here. I picked black as my base color with blush as my accent for spring, and maroon and olive for fall. However, since Florida is warm I'm doing my spring capsule the entire time I'm there. From there I just started weeding out what I didn’t wear or need, and slowly condensing it. Then I would list the clothes in good condition on Poshmark. I also created Pinterest boards for inspiration for looks and styles I wanted to adopt.  


Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Here’s a complete list of my Capsule Items that are coming with me to Florida. To watch a video on my packing hacks click HERE.





  • 1 black, 1 white layering Basic Tees

  • 2 Black simple tops

  • 1 White Lace Top

  • 1 White Scalloped Top

  • 1 Black and White Polka Dot Top

  • 1 Striped Top

  • 2 Gray tops

  • 1 Blush floral top

  • 2 Blush Tops





Dresses and Shirts: I tend to dress up nicer and plan to have outfits for class, church, and casual dresses for the parks - so my wardrobe is a little heavier here.


  • 1 Black and White professional dress

  • 1 Blush dress

  • 1 Black Dress (this one from Athleta that I LOVE)

  • 2 Black pencil skirts

  • 1 Floral pencil skirt

  • 1 Blush Skirt

  • 1 Blush Blazer




  • 1 Pair of Tan Heels

  • 1 Pair of Black Heel Booties

  • 1 Pair of Blush Low Booties

  • 1 Pair of White Converse

  • 1 Pair of Black Saltwater Sandals

  • 1 Pair of Black Flats (for closed toed events like traditions)


Jackets: Now I’m from Utah and can handle the cold - so I’m not bringing a winter coat, just rain coats because I hear the rain in Florida is UNREAL!


  • 1 Gray Zip Up Hoodie

  • 1 Disney Hoodie

  • 1 Small raincoat (to stuff in my park bag)

  • 1 Black long nicer Raincoat


Workout Items: (not typically part of the capsule, but still a big part of my clothing)


  • 1 Pair workout shorts

  • 2 Leggings with pockets, 1 black, 1 gray (because they’re also the best in the parks)  

  • 3 Workout tops

  • 1 Pair Tennis Shoes

  • 2 Sports bras


Other Random Items:


  • Swimsuits (I love the mix and match pieces at Lime Ricki so I have a handful)

  • Slippers

  • PJs (1 regular top and bottom and mickey footies!)  

  • Disney Themed T-shirts

  • University of Utah apparel (gotta Rep the U!)

  • 3 hats

  • Mickey Ears!

  • Your boring stuff like bras and underwear of course


I’m pretty much going in the mindset that I don’t need a lot of clothes to enjoy this internship. And there are stores there LOL. If I do end up needing something I can also run and get it! This way I have enough clothes to get by and not be stressed about it, but I also don’t have to buy a ton of clothes when I arrive.


Read the rest of my DCP Packing List Here

I hope this gives you ideas for your own capsule wardrobe! Drop a comment if you have questions - I’d love to hear what you’ve done with your own capsule too!




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